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Thank you for visiting my little blog home. 
I am a twenty thirty something wife to my wonderful Matthew (I call him Mateo);
mother to my little Lucia (pronounced Loo-sha, though I often call her Loo-chee-a, 
Chee, or Lucia-belle).
I was born in the hills of West Viginia and spent my first five years 
in a sweet log cabin with my mom, dad and two brothers.
The years in-between five and 15 were spent in Texas and Oklahoma, until my family moved to the Czech Republic at the start of my tenth grade year. I attended the International School of Prague and had a great high school experience with lovely friends and a fabulous group of teachers that continue to inspire me.
Fast forward: College.
I am an alum of The University of Oklahoma where I earned a B.A. in English Literature.
For a year of my undergrad career, I studied abroad in Stockholm, Sweden at Stockholm University.
That year was a great year of making lifetime bonds and traveling all over Europe via planes and trains.
Fast forward: Marriage Motherhood.
I married my dream man when I was twenty-four.
We had our daughter, Lucia, after four years of marriage. 
She is our love and light.
Our story continues and this is where I document our journey.
For more tid-bits:
I love to post music that I love, outfits and share bits from my everyday. I am really glad to have you here. Please say hello! 

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