Bits of Us & a Bit about Why I Blog

A few months ago I had the privledge of sharing a bit about myself and why I blog on Chalk White Arrow. Yesterday when I again came across these photos of our home and their tiny captions, I thought I would re-share them here on my blog because one of the main questions I am most often asked, when I tell people that I blog is “Why?”

Well, one of the main reasons I blog is that it gives me the opportunity to capture details of my life that I might otherwise take for granted. I love finding significance in a warm cup of coffee or even the fine calligraphy stroke of a pen; recording my days and our home inspires me to count my blessings and find magic in the small things. When I was younger, I thought I would have some creative design job, or live and walk the streets of Brooklyn. I do not have either; in fact, being a literature teacher and living in the mid-west is very different than the “someday” I always considered. But, that being said, instead of Brooklyn and some fancy magazine job, I have many other things instead. Here, at Joyfully Gray, I capture those other things – the blessings – that I am so grateful for and I also get to be creative in the process. 

Today I would like to share some pieces of these things that I find so lovely, not the loveliness in the material items themselves, but instead the stories behind our things and the memories that we have created while sitting together amongst these things, these things where we sit listening to our mountains of vinyl, dancing on the sofa cushions, reading books, and banging on my great-grandmother’s piano. All of these moments are what make our our family what it is. 

Enjoy these polaroid bits. Thank you to Chalk White for having me many months ago. (Also, you can read more about why I blog here.)

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