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Clockwise, upon my return from the big city: My dad came over for a few hours to say goodbye before he headed back to Qatar; I actually hung my clothes up and unpacked my suitcase; I wrapped a baby gift in some sweet pink ribbon and now face the challenge of getting it to the post; Lucia has strown her toys all about the house… every where, every which way.

Reading: The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. Oh, my. I picked this book up on my way home from NYC because I had a few layovers to beat and an iPhone battery that needed to be conserved; thus,  much to my dismay, no surfing the internet all day. The Kitchen House is an intense read that speaks the harrowing truth of slavery and indentured servants in the  United States. Especially if you like Historical Fiction, this book is for you — heartbreaking and eye-opening, a page-turner. I cannot believe the human capacity for cruelty, nor the definitions and lines that were created because of race and class. I am also in awe of the extent of research that Grissom had to conclude in order to create such a realistic portrayal and, of course, I am simply amazed that authors can write, write, write with such talent. Read it.

Watching: I am sure that I have mentioned my love for HBO Girls already as I just wrapped up an entire season in one week,  entirely without shame to admit the many hours I sat dedicated to my iPad after Matt and Lucia went to sleep at night. Raw, honest, relatable, believable scenarios that will crack you up and remind you that other girls share the same thoughts, insecruties, fears and laughs. Watch it.

Anticipating: Fireworks on the Fourth! I think Lucia is finally of age to stay up and watch the sky light up without getting scared. 
Laughing about: Lucia making a face on her plate with food: the smile, a piece of caneloupe; the eyes, two halves of a boiled egg; a mustache, shreded turkey. I know I should not encourage playing with food, but it was quite clever, right?

Listening to: The Black Keys on repeat in my car. Everyday for two weeks. Husband, expand my musical horizons, please!
Working on:  Being grateful and content. Making the life we have the best it can be. Beinga better wife and showing Matt that I appreciate all of his hard work because he is a really good man and he deserves to know it.
Wishing: Someone would weed my front flower bed and dead-head my rose bushes because 109 degrees is a bit much for my weary self to endure.

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