CRISIS | The Hunt for Vinyl Storage

When I married Matt a little over seven years ago, he had a bewilderingly large cd collection, being the avid music lover that he is. Eventually, over the years, he has progressed further and further away from his outdated love of cds, though many still stack the shelves of our man cave. Now he  piles the iPod with mixes from his hard drive that is loaded with hundreds — perhaps thousands — of tunes. Ah! Finally, I thought, we would start to free up room in our ever-shrinking home — my husband is going electronic with his music collection.
And then the lust for vinyl began. I used to say things like, “Do not get too excited about record albums, we do not have room for them….” Or, “Matt, seriously, this is going to be an expensive hobby.”
And then his mom bought him a record player and he would purchase a new album here and there. As he began to play the records for me, I began to quietly listen and hear what he heard. Authenticity was it? Scratchy sound waves in their purest form? A hint of nostalgia? What was it about listening to vinyl that made the music experience so much better than hearing an iPod or playing a cd?
I caught the bug.
Our Chee caught the bug. Asking to accompany Matt to the record store every Saturday; and always asking to listen to vinyl when daddy gets home from work. Her number one request, “The Lips, Daddy, please?”
Enter dilema. Where to store the vinyl? I have given Matt an odd shelf here and there, cleared a space atop our living room desk for him to place his gigantic crate filled to the brim with wax treasures. But, alas, he continues to buy and our storage continues to shrink.
What is a girl to do? Shop on the internet for awesome vinyl storage, of course! Here is a collection of my finds, in case you too are suffering from a wax overload. I must admit, I have found my hunt somewhat limited and wish there were more options out there. Some of my finds are far too expensive to satiate our budget, and then others seem too flimsy to securely rest Matt’s growing collection.
1) Probably my favorite piece because it is a bit industrial and could chill out the chintzy vibe of my living room with its rough edges: LP Storage by Boltz.
2) Custom Pieces by Tony’s Woodshop, which I am also a fan because I like the raw bones of wood shelves and like the idea of having a piece custom built: LP Storage by Tony.
3) The most amazing piece that I have found is by Atocha Design, but it unfortunately does not fit within my budget. The wood is beautiful, the storage neat and organized, and is set up perfectly to strum through your collection drawer by drawer. Oh, my! Read this description by Atocha, it kinda makes me want to make out with the piece of furniture. (Matt, inanimate objects will never win my love over you.)
4) The Ikea Expedit shelving system offers a very clever and affordable storage solution. I think it would also look rather sleek and would be a definite space saver. Plus, if you are like me, you might like the open storage system so you can admire your collection. There is a very clear youtube video that explains how to set up the Expedit shelf for vinyl storage, and offers suggestions on how to use the various sizes.
5) And at the risk of sounding oh-so-cliche, my last, but certainly not least find is from the tried and true, Urban Outfitters. There storage is not large enough to accomodate Matt’s growing collection, but they have some awesome vintage-throw back pieces! My favorite is this rolling cart made from repurposed wood: Go, Urban.
Please me know if you have any clever vinyl solutions, or if you too are a collector because we should be friends.

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