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Am I the Toad? And you, my reader-out-there, are you the bog?

Does anyone hear me?
I want you to hear me… I have much to say.

How dreary to be somebody!
And I do not have the words to acticulate all of my thoughts.

At the moment, dear internet world, I have no hippy-creatively-inspired outfit to post, I have no glorious words of wisdom.

But I have memories and secrets.
I have things that I want to say.
I have things in my head that I cannot share.

I can think, however, that life and dreams are full of love and color, as if I am in my garden as outside my front door.

And if some things Gold do stay…
Oh, does gold ever stay,  Dear Mr. Frost?

Was your poem for me?

I want to dream and live in a world where the reality in my mind is the reality in which is true. I want to go to bed tonight with hopes that the people in my life will find peace. I want happiness for my family. I want to go knowing that my Grandparents know that I have spoken of all of them today, even though they live miles–hundreds of mile away–or perhaps even in heaven.

I want you to know that I know my language is simple.
I am just a girl…or a lady? Does thirty-one make me a lady?

Dear Lady Sarah….

You are a a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a teacher, a friend….

How public to be somebody!

Happy Birthday to me…
Happy Thirty first, Sarah Jane Gray.

PS. Third-person is dumb.


…Not me!

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