Floral + Aztec + Stripes

This cute Saturday attire was a hard lesson learned – a lesson I should already know after living in this very heated locale for the past five years. Hello, panhandle state! When will I ever learn that no matter how glorious a print mix-up, now matter how fabulous the below-the-knee skirt and no matter how flowery delightful the garb atop my head –  such layered combinations do not harmoniously marry a hot Oklahoma afternoon. No, no, sir-eee. I have to say that this here was a doozy,  a blunder!  I could have at least pinned my hair up and away to spare myself a bit. And, let’s be honest, perhaps even more obnoxious than a hat or mid-calf skirt in the middle of summer, was the fact that the skirt’s material was rather heavy – I hate to admit that it may have been a light wool? Yes, a blunder, I know.

The Details from above – Printed Shirt: Forever 21 from long ago; skirt: thrifted for three dollars; pearls: a Venezuelan gift from my mom; hat: thrifted; sandals: Mossimo from Target last year.
Mix and rock this look yourself; 
I have done the hunting and gathering for you!

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