Home from the Big City

I had an amazing, over-the-top, spoiled rotten, thirty-first birthday weekend in New York City. Sasha, her brother and I all hit the pavement hard and crammed oh-so-much into three days, three nights: eating well, drinking well, dancing, laughing and more. While frolicking about, I often caught myself daydreaming about life with Lucia & Matt in the big town. Dreams, dreams, dreams. 
I will be back with more from my trip soon, but before then, I have a baby to catch up with because she and mama missed each other dearly, laundry to do, and perhaps I will even wash my hair today – perhaps. Until then, some music for your Monday: Los Campesinos, a British indie pop band with – in my mind – a very punky sound, whom we saw while spending an evening at Brooklyn Bowl. 
You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campesinos! on Grooveshark

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