Mini-Tour: Chee’s Room

Lucia’s little room is very well lived in, just as any toddler’s room should be. I recently gave Matt’s great-aunt Gladys’ china cabinet a slathering of white paint and place among her pink walls in order to house all of her ga-zillion stuffed animals and toys. I try to regularly clean out her collection of things, weed out what she does not play with and keep things stream-lined, but truly, it is difficult for me.

All of the wall hangings and mirror were found at thrift stores and used to be in her nursery. My dad made the cute doll house shelf – it is just like the one that he made for me as a child per my mom’s very eager request. I found her blue bed at a second-hand store for twenty dollars in my mom’s little town of Ponca City; the poor scrappy thing was quite neglected, a scratched up sad looking wooden piece, but I spruced it up with two coats of turquoise. Amazing what some paint can do for some old shabby blocks of wood.
Curious as to what her nursery looked like in 2009Click here! I was very proud of its pretty and simple sweetness; only now is it blatantly obvious to me that a baby had not yet moved in to our home. Her little place has definitely evolved as she has grown older – books, toys, play kitchens & very-important-dress-up-collections tend to make things quite homey. 

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